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نداء الى مواطنى قومية التقرينية



هذا النداء موجه من اريتري مسلم الى جميع الإريتريون المنتمون الى قومية التجرينية خصيصاً.بداءت ندائي بشرف تسميتكم اريتريون اعترافاً بانتمائكم لهذا البلد العزيز و اقراركم بالتضحيات خلال الثورة أسوة ببقية القوميات الإريترية وباعتقادي انكم مازلتم على نفس النهج ألوطنى.>>>>



  منبر الحـــــوار

 This appeal is directed by a Muslim Eritrean to all Eritreans descending from Tigrinya ethnic group in particular.

I began by calling upon you as Eritreans in recognition of being original people of this dear country , Eritrea ,and in recognition of your positive sacrifices during the revolution, like the rest of Eritrean 9 ethic groups and I believe that you are still on the same nationalistic path.

I am going to be honest and frank with you to the maximum and I am going to put the dots on the letters even if some of you will not like it.

There is no doubt that you are following up the current situation in our beloved Eritrea now after the bitter and long struggle, after which it gained its freedom and independence. But Essayas Afwerki sold Eritrea to Ethiopia after he exhausted all arguments and justifications so that he could pass his disastrous project, and ignited a border war that could have been resolved peacefully, as it turned out that this was an argument to gain time and exhaust the lives of our youth in vain, where he admitted personally:
"The issue of borders is not important"!

During this war, he spread not only horror but abducting, imprisonment, assassinations and without fair trials, in addition to silencing anyone who inquires about their own rights.
The most important thing here is that these crimes have been committed with the help of Eritreans from Tigrinya background who are holding all the leadership positions, whether military, security or civil, especially those close to him who are originally descents of Tamil or Tagaru from Ethiopia.

Therefore, we, the rest of the Eritrean people, believe that the power is in your hands and the hands of your brothers/friends. Therefore, you must prove that you do not agree to the sale of Eritrea, which we sacrificed together to liberate it from the Ethiopian colonialism. We have presented tens of thousands of martyrs, wounded and handicapped victims. Essayas hijacked all of our sacrifices and did not care about the blood of all the martyrs. However, their blood will not be wasted in vain.

So, prove to us and convince us that you categorically reject all his actions towards the free citizens and the homeland; Prove that you are not agents for him and that you feel really proud of belonging to a free and independent Eritrea. This requires convincing your friends/brothers who are in power to remove him and to return Eritrea to its owners.

Ali Youssif - Gedaref - Sudan